Dinner and a Movie

MOVIE - Watch Charged film, I guarantee you will feel super charged for life after watching! Please share it with anyone who you feel needs this type of message :)

DINNER - Find delicious sauces, seasonings and avocado oil alongside tasty recipes to make a memorable dinner!  Unleash the deliciousness!

Ed Charged DVD.jpg

Life is full of mysterious twists and turns.  The truth is that a decade ago I set out to make everyone's dinners the best they could be by starting Montana Mex food brand and creating a line of clean label condiments to easily add flavor to your food and elevate every meal.

In the middle of growing Montana Mex I had a near death injury that rocked my world.  As luck would have it I had already been filming a cooking show and the before injury footage, combined with footage that was filmed continually during my recovery was beautifully crafted into a feature length film about survival, love and the down right desire to get back to life!  "Charged" has now won multiple awards at festivals and has 5 star reviews on Amazon, Hulu and iTunes.  I would love you to watch it, I hope it speaks to you.