Montana Mex


Sometimes if you can't find it you have to make it!  This is why I co-founded Montana Mex which is a lifestyle food brand making clean label, Mexican inspired condiments, including seasonings, sauces and avocado oil.  I found myself at home wanting to grab an awesome seasoning, sauce or oil that was ready to use and that I wanted to serve to the people I love, but the simple fact was that none of the products out there were cutting it... so along with my co-founders we created Montana Mex.

I am known as the 'Emperor of Flavor' which pretty much means that I am the Chef behind the brand... I am the chief recipe creator for all Montana Mex goodies.  My personal goal is to abolish fear from the kitchen!  I want cooking to be a fun, creative movement for you and therefore I created these products keeping in mind how to make it easier for you to create tasty, honest food at home so you can spend more time with the people you love!  

Try the Tasty Goodies...


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Take a second and WATCH some of my cooking videos below to get your culinary juices flowing and your taste buds dancing!  Go on get cooking :)

Montana Mex Recipe Videos